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I am a social analyst and family consultant. I live in the southeastern part of the World, which is famous for its various forms of mysterious knowledge. I had been fascinated by reading books written on various topics since my childhood and because of this habit and immense fondness of books, I began to understand many things about the human psyche, including the power of the mind, which, to some extent, made me able to solve various intricacies of intellect and consciousness. I came to know that, through this mental power, how one could see by his own eyes, the process of resolving matters and the realization of dreams coming true.

Later in my journalism career, I took advantage of these opportunities of meeting people of different classes and different schools of thought. This thing gave me a lot of in-depth knowledge to understand the structure of society, including the people's attitudes and the mysteries of the mind. I also spent time in the company of those, who claim that one's aspirations and desires could be fulfilled through the medium of manifestation, and 'they' fully believe in its usefulness.

In some aspects of life, I have experienced it myself and found that it really works and there is, not only, a lot of power in this process but one can achieve a lot through it. But do remember one thing about it, that alertness and dedication too are the most essential requirements to meet your goal.

When you declare your intention, when you make your choice for the better, then you are moving in the direction of the true path. It may take some time to master the art of declaring "I will" and "I want", but it will be worth every moment that it takes.

Your attention should be held on what you desire, not on what others may think. Make no excuses and do not give in to others' opinions or judgments. When you declare your intentions, you are giving yourself the chance to shape your life with great power. Make a decision, knowing that what you choose can bring you riches in life.

There is no point pretending that everything will be just fine without any effort on your part. There is nothing wrong with trying, but there are more than enough challenges in the world to provide an endless supply of opportunities for growth and learning.

Let everyone know that you are moving toward a new life, one where you are the master of your own destiny. Your thoughts can create any reality that your heart desires. I am here to tell you, those who choose the path so clearly laid out before them, the path to their own realizations and achievements and to their bright future, will succeed in all ways.

'come4manifestation' is a link in this chain. I hope that you will like my effort and will appreciate it by contributing your thoughts, questions, and feedback in this regard.


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