Affirmations to Celebrate and Enhance the Feminine Energy within You

Here come the Feminine Affirmations so that you can Celebrate and Enhance the Feminine Energy within you.

affirmations to celebrate and enhance the feminine energy within you
manifest feminine energy

Reprogram Your Mind by repeating them many times daily (Especially when you go to bed and before You Sleep), these affirmations will honour the Sacred Feminine within you, Healing your Inner.

Not only will these Affirmations activate and increase Feminine Energy, but these will Awaken the Power of the Divine Feminine Energy within you – bringing HUGE gifts into your life!

Script :


I am releasing


I am released and I am free


I am allowing


I am allowing my femininity totally now


I am trusting


I am trusting my femininity


I am feminine


I am kind


I am warm


I am loving


I am nurturing


I am nourishing


I am tender


I am soft


I am sweet


I am gentle


I am serene


I am calm


I am peaceful


I am patient


I am flowing


I am flexible


I am compassionate


I am understanding


I am empathetic


I am forgiving


I am helpful


I am supportive


I am devoted


I am sensitive


I am intuitive


I am wise


I am balanced


I am grounded


I am good


I am pure


I am beautiful


I am radiant


I am flourishing


I am creative


I am alive


I am sensual


I am sexy


I am soothing


I am receptive


I am allowing myself to feel


I am sacred


My energy is sacred


I am magical


I am a healer


I am receiving the good of life


My feminine energy is healthy and balanced


I love my feminine energy


I am aware of my femininity


I am loving being feminine


I am proud of my femininity


I respect and honour my feminine energy


My feminine energy is exquisite


I am surrendering and allowing


I am powerful in my surrender


I am powerful in my feminine energy


I am trusting myself


I am trusting life


I am a nurturer of life


I am a lover of life


I am living in a gentle balance with all life


I am celebrating my sexual energy


My pleasure is a beautiful creative force


I have healthy boundaries


I am speaking with kindness and gentleness


I am thinking with love and compassion


I am loving myself and others unconditionally


I am open to receiving miracles


I am feminine and beautiful


I am celebrating my own gifts


I am enough


I am a beautiful soul


Every day, I am understanding and forgiving


Every day, I am surrendering and trusting


My heart is loving and pure


I am blessed


I am grateful


Thank you


Thank you for my femininity


Thank you for my beautiful feminine energy


Thank you for my feminine gifts


Thank you


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