Affirmations to give you a natural Love of Exercise

 Exercise motivation affirmations to give you immense workout motivation and a natural LOVE of exercise.

affirmations to give you immense workout motivation and a natural love of exercise
manifest exercise motivation

Reprogram Your Mind by repeating them many times daily (Especially when you go to bed and before You Sleep), these fitness motivation affirmations will give you an AUTOMATIC strong motivation to exercise and get in shape.

Using these affirmations for positive thinking / gym motivation affirmations, you will manifest your dream body and impressive physical fitness! Not only will this increase self confidence but also your figure’s positivity image which you SO deserve.

Script :


I love myself


I love my body


I am moving my body


I am exercising


I am motivated to exercise


I am exercising because I love myself


I am exercising for me


I am exercising for my health


I am exercising for my well being


I am worthy


I am worthy of my good


I am worthy of movement and exercise


I am worthy of looking amazing


I am worthy of my time


I am worthy of my happiness


I am worthy of love


Exercise is a blessing


Exercise is a treasure


Exercise is a gift I give myself


I am loving exercising


I am loving my excitement for life


I am loving feeling energised


I am loving feeling renewed


I am loving feeling balanced


I am loving feeling calm


I am loving feeling strong


I am loving feeling fit


I am loving feeling flexible


I am loving feeling healthy


I am loving feeling positive


I am loving feeling confident


I am loving feeling motivated


I am loving feeling alive


I am loving sleeping well


I am loving the experience of exercising


I am loving the fun of exercise


I am excited to exercise


I am motivated to exercise


I look forward to my exercise time


I am honouring and respecting my body


I am passionate about exercising


I am empowered by exercise


When I exercise, I cleanse my body


When I exercise, I am powerful


When I exercise, my mind is strong


When I exercise, my body is strong


I am miraculous


I am radiating optimal health


I am choosing to exercise for me


I am surrounded by a healthy lifestyle


I am in alignment


I am in alignment with flowing movement


I am in alignment with positive exercise


I am fit, healthy and happy


I am praising myself


I am motivating myself


I am encouraging myself


I am supporting myself


Every day, I move my body


I really value exercising


Exercise is precious to me


Exercise is a gift to me


I am grateful


Thank you


Thank you for my movement


Thank you for my exercise


Thank you for my health


Thank you for my precious body


Thank you for my self love


Thank you for my wonderful life


Thank you


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