Affirmations to help you Remove all Exam Anxiety

 Exam success affirmations to help you remove all exam anxiety and manifest the HUGE exam success that awaits you!

affirmations to help you remove all exam anxiety and manifest the huge exam success that awaits you
manifest exam success

Reprogram Your Mind by repeating them many times daily (Especially when you go to bed and before You Sleep), these affirmations have an empowering sequence for exam success and focus  – that will SUPERCHARGE your capability to perform in examinations and make you FULLY ACE THEM!

Completely removing all exam anxiety, these good grades affirmations will harness the power of the Law of Attraction so that you manifest good grades and pass exams with FLYING COLOURS.

HUGE exam success is yours, my friend!

Script :


I am successful


I am succeeding at studying


I am succeeding in my exams


I am releasing


I am released and I am free


I am allowing


I’m allowing myself to be successful


I am allowing my happiness


I am allowing my fulfillment


I am worthy


I am worthy of success


I am a success


I am smart


I am intelligent


I am capable


I am easily understanding what I study


I am retaining what I am studying


I am loving learning


I am always focused when I study


I am studying hard and regularly


I am loving taking exams


I am finding exams fun


I am always relaxed during my exams


My memory is sharp


I am a natural at taking exams


Exam success comes easily to me


Getting good grades is natural for me


I am passing all my exams easily


During exams, distractions don’t disturb me


I succeed even in stressful situations


I thrive under pressure


I always stay focused during my exams


I pass my exams with flying colours


I always pass exams with flying colours


I always get good grades


I always stay focused on my studies


Studying hard comes naturally to me


I am an excellent student


I am superb at taking exams


I am a master of exam success


I am believing in myself


I am an extraordinarily successful person


I am responsible


I am talented


I am awesome


I am a gifted student


I perform in my exams with excellence


I am blessed with a great brain


I am blessed


I am grateful


Thank you


Thank you for my love of learning


Thank you for my self belief


Thank you for my dedication


Thank you for my study success


Thank you for my exam success


Thank you for my happiness


Thank you for my fulfillment


Thank you


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