Affirmations for extraordinary Success, Confidence, Wealth, Health, Love and Abundance

 I AM affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind so you manifest by repeating them many times daily (Especially when you go to bed and  before You Sleep) :

EXTRAORDINARY Success, Confidence, Wealth, Health, Love and Abundance!

affirmations for extraordinary success, confidence, wealth, health, love and abundance
manifest all success

Repeat these positive affirmations Daily for at least 21 DAYS especially when you go to sleep and you will see your world transform!

Script :

I am amazing


I am abundant


I am confident


I am successful


I am wealthy


I am healthy


I am loved


I am loving


I am worthy


I am enough


I am awesome


I am a winner


I am a money magnet


I am gifted.


I am talented


I am a pleasure to be around


I am easy to love


I am completely healthy


I am healthy, happy and radiant


I am a magnet for success


I am strong


I am unconditionally loving myself and others


I am fit


I am powerful


I am ready for anything


I am self-assured


I am energetic


I am vibrant.


I am positive


I am focused


I am at peace


I am one of a kind


I am financially free


I am happy


I am well


I am abundantly healthy


I am courageous


I am so thankful for my amazing health


I am deserving


I am gorgeous


I am special


I am deeply secure


I am flourishing


I am bold and brave


I am limitless


I am incredibly successful


I am gifted at making money


I am shining brightly


I am valuable


I am worthy of my confidence


I am worthy of success


I am worthy of wealth


I am worthy of good health


I am worthy of love


I am worthy of a great life


I am a powerful soul


I am proud of myself


I am happy because I am me


I am strong


I am powerful


I am trusting life


I am blossoming


I am deserving of my riches


I am incredibly abundant


I am at one with wealth


I am so grateful for everything that I have and everything I receive


I am grateful


Thank you


Thank you for my self confidence


Thank you for my self love


Thank you for my success


Thank you for my wealth


Thank you for my health


Thank you


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