Body Center – Dantian

The body's energy center has many important properties for processing energy and emotions.



This center is recognized by various traditions. In Chinese Qigong it is called Dantian, the Japanese name is Hara, and in mystical traditions and diamond approach, it is called Kath. The name Dantian seems to be the most commonly used, so we will refer to this center by this name.


The position of the Dantian is the lower abdomen, the width of the 1½ thumb below the navel, the width of the thumb 2-3 inside.


Whole body sensation

If you pay attention to Dantian, you can feel the whole body from top to toes at the same time. It is this asset that makes this the focal point of the body. For this reason, paying attention to Dantian also facilitates directing energy to specific parts of the body. This is one of the reasons why practitioners continue to be interested in martial arts (such as Taichi). It also allows you to feel all kinds of emotions associated with your body.


Abdominal sensation

There is a special feeling to be felt in Dantian's place. It's a place where you feel butterflies in your stomach, like when you're in love. From time to time, you may feel a sensation of heat there, for example when you need extra energy or when you feel stressed.


There are many things in your body that you can feel in and out of the Dantian, which means that you need to be in contact with your Dantian in order to be in contact with your body.


The Dantian can be used for meditation. To practice this, you need to sit up straight and pay attention to the Dantian. Not surprisingly, this happens in many cases, but when you notice a distraction, slowly refocuses. Do this for 15-30 minutes. You may want to check out articles about meditation.


There is more advanced meditation than just focusing your attention. They try to store energy in Dantian or do more esoteric things. These are Qigong exercises.


Move from your center

In many Chinese and Japanese martial arts, practitioners pay attention to Dantian, not only facilitating the transfer of energy but also allowing it to move from the center. By moving the movement from the center, it becomes easier, more powerful, and more powerful.